Honeycomb study for GRIN patients started!


In September 2023, the GRIN expertise center started the Honeycomb study of GRIN Therapeutics.

The Honeycomb study studies the investigational drug Radiprodil in children with a GRIN-related disorder. It is an international phase 1/2 study that focuses on children who have overactive signaling due to their mutation in a GRIN gene (a Gain-of-Function change). Radiprodil is designed to reduce this overactive signaling.

Two children have currently started taking the medication at the Sophia Children's Hospital. Children all over the world are included in the study and several children have already started taking the drug. The intention is to investigate the drug in 24 children worldwide. 

For more information about the study or to see if your child qualifies, visit Honeycomb | homepage ( or contact the local research team at