DRUP study has started! Patients with Dup15q wanted.


Become part of our research and contribute to improving knowledge about the Dup15q syndrome!

We invite parents of children with Dup15q syndrome to participate in an important study aimed at identifying the signs and symptoms of this genetic disorder in the Netherlands. 

By completing one questionnaire, you can make a valuable contribution. Completing an extensive questionnaire, which takes approximately 1 to 2 hours, gives us insight into various domains, including behavior, development, sleep, and any epilepsy of your child. 

Your participation is useful for our picture of people with Dup15q and helps to assess where more research is needed. This will also help patients in the future. The more people participate, the more complete the picture becomes of the entire population with Dup15q syndrome in the Netherlands. This study is crucial for future research into treatment options for people with Dup15q syndrome. 

The Dup15q team calls on you to participate in this study. Together we strive for a better future for the Dup15q population in the Netherlands. Sign up and help us better understand the impact of Dup15q syndrome. 

If you are interested in participating or have questions about the study, please email: