Research into the use of the drug Gaboxadol in children with Angelman Syndrome completed


In 2019 and 2020, we participated in an international study with the ENCORE expertise center for Angelman Syndrome into the effect of the drug gaboxadol in children with Angelman Syndrome. This is a drug that stimulates the GABA delta receptor. Dutch children also participated.

In a previous study in which all participants received gaboxadol, clear positive effects were measured on daily functioning. In the current study, a lottery was done between gabaxadol and placebo. The results showed an improvement in both the children who received placebo and those who received gabaxadol. So there was no improvement with the gabaxadol. There were also no serious side effects. This again shows that a study with a placebo group is really important to know for sure whether a treatment is effective.

We thank the participants and their parents. The article with all the results has now been published. Click here to read the article (link valid until October 15)