Chris Gale swam across the Channel to raise money for Angelman Syndrome research!


On August 2, Chris Gale managed to swim across the Channel from England to France. With this he raised money for research into Angelman Syndrome.

With 2 Angelman markings on his back, Chris entered the water at 6:35 AM, starting his journey through the cold water 10 minutes later. Almost 16 hours later he arrived on the French mainland where he was enthusiastically welcomed by Arjan van Hal with his Angelman daughter Femke, who enthusiastically applauded this great achievement!

The collected amount will benefit the pioneering research of Prof. dr. Ype Elgersma of the Angelman Syndrome Expertise Center of ENCORE.

If you want to read more about this fantastic fundraiser from Chris Gale, click here to view the newsletter of Angelman Syndrome Netherlands (only in Dutch). Do you also want to donate? You can still do that via the QR-code in the newsletter.